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Bernstein Diet Calgary: Achieve Your Weight Goals

Did you know that obesity rates have been steadily rising in Canada over the past few decades? According to recent studies, over a quarter of Canadian adults are considered obese, and the numbers continue to climb. This alarming statistic highlights the urgent need for effective and sustainable weight loss solutions.

  • The obesity rates in Canada are on the rise, with over a quarter of Canadian adults classified as obese.
  • Finding an effective and sustainable weight loss solution is crucial in tackling this growing health concern.

Personalized Medical Weight Loss Program in Calgary

At the Bernstein Diet & Health Clinic in Calgary, we have been helping tens of thousands of people achieve their weight loss goals and improve their health since 1974. Our clinic offers a personalized, medical weight loss program that is designed to provide 1-on-1 support for rapid and doctor-recommended weight loss.

With our program, you can lose up to 20 lb every month without the need for risky diet drugs or surgery. Developed by Dr. Stanley K. Bernstein, our program is rooted in sound medical principles that have been clinically proven over nearly 50 years. Our specially-trained team of doctors and nurses will guide you on how to lose weight quickly, safely, and naturally, enabling you to regain your energy, vitality, and confidence.

Our program addresses and eliminates the common pitfalls of dieting, such as cravings, headaches, fatigue, and rebound weight gain. Our medical professionals supervise your progress, ensuring that any medical conditions linked to excess weight, such as high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, osteoarthritis, asthma, or COPD, are properly addressed.

What sets our program apart is the convenience of the Bernstein At-Home Weight Loss Program, allowing you to achieve your weight loss goals from the comfort of your own home. To get started on your personalized weight loss journey with the Bernstein Diet & Health Clinic in Calgary, simply fill in your contact information on our website.

Benefits of Our Personalized Medical Weight Loss Program
1-on-1 support from our team of doctors and nurses
Doctor-recommended rapid weight loss
No risky diet drugs or surgery required
Clinically proven over nearly 50 years
Eliminates cravings, headaches, fatigue, and rebound weight gain
Properly addresses medical conditions linked to excess weight
Convenient At-Home Weight Loss Program

Effective Weight Loss Techniques at Bernstein Diet Calgary

The weight loss program at Bernstein Diet Calgary offers a unique approach based on sound medical principles that can help you achieve rapid weight loss in a safe and natural way. Our health and wellness centre is dedicated to providing supervised weight loss programs that are tailored to individual needs and goals.

Our doctor-recommended diet focuses on reducing overall caloric intake while ensuring the right combination of foods to stimulate your metabolism and utilize calories from fat stores. This results in rapid weight loss without compromising your health.

To break the sugar cycle and stabilize blood sugars, our program eliminates sugars and simple carbohydrates, reducing cravings and fatigue. You can enjoy real grocery store foods at every meal, promoting long-term proper eating habits and patterns. No need for costly frozen dinners or artificial meal-replacement supplements.

Vitamin and mineral supplements are incorporated into the program to ensure you receive adequate nutrition and prevent any side effects associated with poor dieting, such as hunger, cravings, headaches, fatigue, and irritability.

Our weight loss process specifically targets the primary fat storage areas in the waist, hips, and thighs, while preserving lean tissues in the face, neck, and chest for a more balanced and aesthetic result.

At Bernstein Diet Calgary, we provide frequent 1-on-1 visits with our specially-trained nurses and doctors, offering personal support to keep you accountable and on track for success. Our medical professionals oversee your progress, ensuring that all body functions are improving and working normally.

In addition to rapid weight loss, our program can also address any medical complications associated with excess weight, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, and arthritis. As you lose weight, our clinic can work with you to potentially reduce or eliminate your medications.

Once you reach your goal weight, our team will customize a Maintenance Plan to help you maintain your new healthy weight for life. We believe that long-term support is essential for sustainable weight loss.

While exercise is encouraged for overall health and fitness, it is not necessary for success on our program. We focus on creating a diet plan that doesn’t rely on diet pills, appetite suppressants, or surgery for success.

Sample Schedule for a Day on the Bernstein Diet Calgary Program:

rapid weight loss

Meal Food Items
Breakfast Omelette made with eggs and vegetables
Snack Apple slices with almond butter
Lunch Grilled chicken breast with a side of steamed vegetables
Snack Carrot sticks with hummus
Dinner Salmon fillet with roasted sweet potatoes and a mixed green salad
Snack Greek yogurt with berries

Our program offers effective weight loss techniques that have been proven to yield rapid results. With the support of our experienced team, you can achieve your weight loss goals while prioritizing your health. Say goodbye to fad diets and start your journey towards a sustainable and healthy lifestyle at Bernstein Diet Calgary.

Affordable Pricing and Long-Term Support at Bernstein Diet Calgary

The Bernstein At-Home Weight Loss Program in Calgary offers a fee-for-service model when it comes to pricing. The overall cost of the program may vary based on individual weight loss and health goals, as well as the rate at which weight is lost. It is important to note that patients who are 100% compliant with the program and regularly assessed by nurses and doctors tend to have better success.

With the Bernstein program, you can safely lose up to 20 lb every month, and long-term maintenance support is available. In fact, the program boasts a high success rate, with 75% of patients reaching their goal weight and maintaining it for at least 2 years.

Compared to other commercial weight loss programs, the Bernstein program stands out as it is approximately 1/3 of the cost based on a cost-per-pound-lost basis. Additionally, some extended health care plans may cover part of the program’s cost, and it may even qualify as a medical expense for tax purposes. The clinic is committed to providing ongoing support even after reaching your goal weight, recognizing that maintenance is critical to healthy weight loss.

To get an estimate of the cost of the Bernstein At-Home Weight Loss program, you can contact the clinic directly or fill out a contact form on their website. A Calgary weight loss specialist will be happy to assist you and provide you with all the necessary information.

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