It’s not only about losing weight but also keeping the weight off.

With us, you’ll build a new mindset and feel happier, stronger and more confident every day.

Improve My Life

You want to make a change.
A permanent one.

You’re ready to get healthy and FEEL GOOD IN YOUR SKIN. Let’s flip the switch and create new habits that stick so you can start living a life you truly enjoy.

You give us 6 months; we’ll teach you the tools to lose weight and help you foster a new mindset.


To help you achieve sustainable weight loss, we first uncover the key factors that have contributed to your current weight. We then build an individualized plan that balances both your weight loss goals and lifestyle.

The Program Format

We do NOT offer a get-slim-quick fad diet program. You will work with a variety of health professionals over a 6 month period to build new, SUSTAINABLE habits that help you lose weight and feel better.

Dr. Dan and his team are on a mission to help 5 million Canadians live a healthier, happier life by 2025. Gain unlimited access to Dr. Dan and his team including a licensed physician, dietitian, and a community of individuals each at their own stage in their weight loss journey.


Our Clients Say...

"If you are ready to start or continue on your journey to a healthier you, Dr. Dan Burton is the person you should seek out. He constantly provides positive reinforcement and is committed to your long-term success. Dr. Dan takes the time to educate his clients and does so with a calm, easy going, no pressure attitude."
- J.H.